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Welcome to 3TRNS Lab* at UConn

*pronounce “3 turns lab”

Temporal, Theoretical, Translational Research and Neural Stimulation Lab at University of Connecticut

Our lab is interested in translating neurophysiological knowledge into interventions for neurological and psychiatric disorders. We are interested in conducting research that will aid in developing and translating advanced neurophysiological knowledge into novel treatments for medication-resistant schizophrenia. Specifically, we hope to test interventions and new chemical compounds to ameliorate pathological neural oscillations in schizophrenia.

Examples of our current research projects are: (1) using MRI techniques (fMRI, DTI), EEG, and transcranial magnetic stimulation (TMS) to investigate neural oscillations and auditory sensory processing in healthy participants and patients with schizophrenia at the Olin Neuropsychiatry Research Center of Hartford Hospital, (2) investigating the effect of acute and chronic administration of ketamine on glutamate, GABA, and neuronal oscillations in rats, (3) establishing norms of multisensory integration in healthy participants by using novel simultaneity judgment (SJ) tasks that are administrated online for potential mass data collection, (4) using statistical models (collaborating with Clemson University) to identify features of neural oscillatory patterns from high definition scalp EEGs for visual perceptive functions in healthy participants while they are performing the jitter orientation visual integration (JOVI) task, and (5) investigating relationships among neurotransmitters, neural oscillations, and behaviors in patients with OCD (collaborating with Stanford University).



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