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University of Connecticut Translational Research and Neural Stimulation Lab

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Welcome to TRANSLab (Translational Research And Neural Stimulation Lab) at University of Connecticut

Our lab is interested in translating neurophysiological knowledge into interventions for neurological and psychiatric disorders. We are interested in conducting research that will aid in developing and translating advanced neurophysiological knowledge into novel treatments for medication-resistant schizophrenia. Specifically, we hope to test interventions and new chemical compounds to ameliorate pathological neural oscillations in schizophrenia.

Examples of our current research projects are: (1) using EEG and transcranial magnetic stimulation (TMS) to investigate impacts of different patterns of TMS on neural oscillations and auditory sensory processing in healthy participants and schizophrenia patients, (2) investigating mechanisms of corollary discharge circuits with EEG, TMS, ketamine, and magnetic resonance spectroscopy, (3) finding optimal neural oscillatory patterns for cognitive functions with EEG and computer-assisted cognitive remediation programs.


Director: Chi-Ming Chen, Ph.D.
Assistant Professor
Clinical Psychology Division

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Department of Psychology
406 Babbidge Road
Unit 1020
University of Connecticut
Storrs, CT 06269-1020

(860) 486-8048